Our Platform

TokenDashboard is an end-to-end platform for creating, selling and managing tokenized assets. Our platform provides tools to effectively manage token assets and comes with built-in risk management tools and controls for your investors and stake holders. TokenDashboard also enables you to implement tokens in your websites and mobile apps for day-to-day use for payments and token rewards.

Create Token Assets

TokenDashboard users can issue any amount of tokens and distribute them between the owners or public via a token sale. Tokenizing your assets or even company has never been easier.

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Token Sales

Selling your tokens has never been easier.  Easily integrate with your own domains and websites, making user management, payments, compliance (KYC, AML) and token distribution seamless.


TokenDashboard provides transparency during and after the token sale, so investors can stay updated on the performance of their ownership stakes.

Risk Management

Inspire investor confidence by activating tools which make you accountable to your stake holders. These tools are easy to use and will allow you to set milestones tied to specific funding withdrawal requests.  You’ll need 51% of the vote of your stake holders for each withdrawal , so inspiring confidence in your investors by delivering on milestones will become vital to your success. On the flip side, investors will feel more comfortable committing funds to a project where they have the power to stop funding if there is little or no action.

Investor Portal

The Investor Portal allows token owners to participate in vital decisions based upon their ownership stake.

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Compliance (KYC & AML)

We’ve integrated some of the leading KYC & AML firms into our platform, including IdentityMinds, Civic, Shuftipro, Onfido, Veriff Me and OkVerify. Easily activate any of them by simply entering your API keys, or even use someone new by creating a “new api” integration request. Powerful, yet flexible.

Security & Audits

For security and smart contract audits we’ve partnered with the best.  Hosho, the global leader in blockchain security helps us secure our platform and is also available for smart contract audits as needed by our clients. To learn more about Hosho and their top notch team click here.

Token Utilization

TokenDash provides you with wallet tools to enable token usage for payment processing, token rewards, bounties and more in our platform and on your websites.  The TokenDash platform issues a wallet with merchant tools for each tDASH client upon the establishment of the asset on the platform.

Data Loaded

Loaded with data intelligence, browse and search for historical investors, token sales and bounty campaigns.


The tDASH token is a platform currency representing value and wealth in the decentralized economy used for an exchange of values between tDASH companies, employees, customers, and other third-party entities.

iOS & Windows Client App

Our client app is being developed for both iOS and Windows operating systems and will be available for download in January, 2019.


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